“GANGSTERS, STIPPERS & TIPPERS: MEMOIRS OF A DJ is the first of many edu-tainment projects to come from 77 Media Publishing Company. In this Urban Non-Fiction Street Memoir creation- DJ Kool Ken and DJ Darkbody roll back the turntables and reminisce on eight of their journey’s and experiences in the world of a DJ. With such chapters like: Continue reading


The ACX Narrator Knowledge Series: Editing & Proofing

Using These Tips From This Article now for my book: “Gangsters, Strippers & Tippers: Memoirs Of A DJ” (Softcover/Hardcover x Amazon/Kindle x Audiobook x Mixtape)

Audiobook Creation Exchange Blog (ACX)

We’re back with more production advice from the experts at Audible Studios. Today, ACX presents editing and proofing an audiobook the Audible Studios way.

In this video, Audible Studios Post Production Associates Darren Vermaas and Brett Lubansky cover basic editing and proofing techniques, providing audio and visual examples along the way. Editing is both a technical skill and a craft, requiring attention to detail and an understanding of the proper flow and pacing of a great sounding audiobook. If you’re taking notes at home, make sure to pay attention to the following topics:

  • Popular self-recording techniques and how they factor into the editing workflow
  • Recommended DAW and headphone options
  • Pacing of various genres of audiobooks
  • What to listen for when proofing your audio (aka the QC pass)
  • Resources for ensuring proper pronunciation of words
  • Proper methods for marking and reinserting corrections or “pickups.”

If you’ve still got editing questions…

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FOUR BRICK$ © – A Mini-Story Written by DJ Kool Ken

FOUR BRICKS - A Mini-Story by DJ Kool Ken cover1

Carlos and Rey had sent word through some associates that some big-time drug dealers were going to be in Kansas City, Missouri, and were looking for a buyer. But, they weren’t interested in meeting with any small time hand-to-hand nickel and dimers. They had big weight, and were trying to unload it fast, but only if the price was right. Continue reading





“Many have dreams, but few choose to wake up and work hard enough to make them real.” – Unknown

And here’s 20 skills you can use to be successful in any kind of hustle:

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At Seventy-Seven Media Publishing Company we will be able to get a bit deeper about the life of a DJ. But, until then, the authors of Gangster, Strippers & Tippers: Memoirs Of A DJ have entitled this post, inspired by the book, simple THE V.I.P.

club scene

⇐⇐♣THE V.I.P.♣⇒⇒

Justin just knew he was gonna catch something nice tonight. He had a plan The plan was so perfect,there was no way he was going to be at home beating his dick again tonight, he though. First Justin had promised to change the oil in his lawyers uncle’s 745i BMW for $50. That way Justin was able to keep the car overnight at his house, where he had said he will do the job.

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The Hustler’s Guide To PUBLISHING And Getting PAID *(GET THIS PROGRAM!)*


The Hustler’s Guide to Publishing is a 4-Class Program for those who want to CREATE, PUBLISH, & SELL Media Products (BOOK, CDS, DVDS). Continue reading




 Which one are you?


“There are only two kinds of people in the whole wide world, hustles and suckers…[With suckers,] let their stupid brains stay asleep in their chump world. Keep your brain honed to razor sharpness in the secret world of con.” – Iceberg Slim Continue reading

“10 LESSONS FROM THE CLUB” ◾”How GST: Memoirs Of A DJ Can Keep You Out Of Trouble”


♣”10 Lessons From The Club”♣

“YOU CAN FIND A LESSON ANYWHERE…IF YOU’RE LOOKING” – Supreme Understanding (Author, Community Activity & Educator)

Here’s are 10 life lessons I learned in the club. Not that any of this stuff ever happened to me, of course. Continue reading