1. Owns tried and tested, indu75stry standard commercial grade gear.
  2. Has at least one assistant, paid and average of $75 per event.
  3. Is willing to meet in person for you to interview before booking.
  4. Knows the technology he owns and is able to troubleshoot failures
  5. Shows up well in advance of all other vendors to properly set up.
  6. Is undeterred by disruptive guest, obstacles or unplanned issues.
  7. Has the talent to host an event properly and appropriately.
  8. Is able to represent his clients and their families with dignity.
  9. Knows the value of preparation, especially music programming.
  10. Does not play music form unreliable sources like the internet.
  11. Conceals wires and eye-sores so as not to be seen in photos.
  12. Does not consume alcohol or smoke while on the job.
  13. Is well composed, appropriately groomed and dignified in his attire.
  14. Speaks warmly and naturally and is never ostentatious or theatrical.
  15. Is sensitive to the need for proper volume, tone and clarity.
  16. Is able to multitask under pressure as a DJ, MC and coordinator.
  17. Knows how to make segments flow and feel natural to guests.
  18. Can create a smooth mixes using timely, fitting, unforced transactions.
  19. Discerns how critical energy and variety is to a dance floor.
  20. Knows when to simply do nothing and let the moment breathe.
  21. Deserves to be paid adequately so that he can provide for his family.
  22. Cannot run an honest business and charge less than a $1000.
  23. Offers only those services they are truly experienced with.
  24. Never misrepresents himself by sending a subcontractor.
  25. Is invested in the development and outcome of each reception.
  26. Deserves a modest gratuity for fulfilling your expectations.
  27. Carries insurance for when meeting expectation is impossible.
  28. Has suitable transportation and a reliable back-up plan.
  29. Never cuts corners or otherwise compromise his standards.
  30. Leaves everyone wanting more even after he’s gone home.






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