“Many have dreams, but few choose to wake up and work hard enough to make them real.” – Unknown

And here’s 20 skills you can use to be successful in any kind of hustle:

  1. BUY low, SELL high.
  2. SUPPLY must meet DEMAND (sell what people WANT).
  3. REWARD repeat customers.
  4. REWARD referrals (“word of mouth” is the best advertisement).
  5. DON’T do “credit”
  6. Get out and GRIND like your LIFE depends on it.
  7. Scared MONEY don’t make MONEY.
  8. If it’s legal, ADVERTISE.
  9. SELL your product like YOU believe in it.
  10. Don’t get discouraged when you don’t sell.
  11. DIVERSIFY your products (so you won’t “suffer” in a drought).
  12. Find a market that WORKS for you,
  13. Tell people what they want to hear, but don’t lie.
  14. DEVELOP a reputation for “honesty” and “dependability”.
  15. Be AVAILABLE whenever people need your services.
  16. The EARLY bird GETS the worm.
  17. Offer VOLUME DISCOUNTS (the more they buy, the less they pay).
  18. WORK your way up the food chain (go from “retailing” to “wholesaling”).
  19. REINVENT YOUR PROFITS, instead of wasting it.
  20. He who WORKS like a slave, eats like a KING.

You can find more on the principles of true hustling in Hotep’s book: “The Hustler’s 10 Commandments: A Collection of Corporate Best Practices, Ancient Wisdom, and Guerrilla Tactics for Today’s Independent Minded Entrepreneur.” (www.HustleUniversity.org)


 “You either look inward or outward for what you want.” -Unknown


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