At Seventy-Seven Media Publishing Company we will be able to get a bit deeper about the life of a DJ. But, until then, the authors of Gangster, Strippers & Tippers: Memoirs Of A DJ have entitled this post, inspired by the book, simple THE V.I.P.

club scene

⇐⇐♣THE V.I.P.♣⇒⇒

Justin just knew he was gonna catch something nice tonight. He had a plan The plan was so perfect,there was no way he was going to be at home beating his dick again tonight, he though. First Justin had promised to change the oil in his lawyers uncle’s 745i BMW for $50. That way Justin was able to keep the car overnight at his house, where he had said he will do the job.

Of course, Justin took the car out that night, But before hitting the club, he spotted at his cousin Mike’s house and borrowed one of his freshest outfits, by promising him to drive him around next time he had the BMW. Just before heading to the club, he stopped by the bank and went through the trash bin located next to the ATM machine. After a few minutes of searching, he found what e was looking for. Satisfied, he sped off towards Club 730.

Since the bouncer was an old friend from high school, Justin was admitted to VIP section where some local rappers were tossing around “flash money” so they’d seem like they’d already made it. Justin got into the mix on the strength of his look and before long, he was popping bottles he had paid for. In almost no time, all this shine helped Justin secure the attention of Valerie.

Valerie had a face like a top model and a waist like a pop bottle. She’d been dancing nearby another baller-type who was ignoring her, so when Justin called her over, she came quickly. She saw Justin’s Gucci glasses, his iced-out chain, his $400 jeans, and knew she liked what she saw. So did Justin. Her breast were nearly popping out of her shirt, and her ass, even her jeans, looked like a pillow with a rubber band round the middle. She was almost like a thick Beyonce’.

Speaking of rubber bands that’s just about when Justin pulled out his stack of hundred ones. He had just cashed his check from working double-shifts at UPS, and the hundred singles were going to have to last. At least until Valerie was drunk enough to leave with him. So Justin spread it out, tossing up occasional showers instead of full-on making it rain. But the singles on the ground kept Valerie’s attention because she was sure Justin had more. With a chain like that, he had to.

Fortunately, by the time Justin was running low, Valerie was ready to go. The left Club 730 together in the 745i BMW, and Valerie nearly lost her mind pressing buttons and playing with all the technology in side. Justin thought she seemed a little ditsy, but she was fine enough to not care. The way her long hair fell over her bare shoulders, the way she  battered her long lashes, the way she smelled like fruit and flowers…and money. Maybe Justin had found a sugar mamma.

But Justin couldn’t take her to his house. Justin still lived with his mother. Of course, Justin lied and said his house was too far away. Valerie didn’t want to bring him over her place either , saying that she didn’t “know him well enough”. So they pulled up to a dingy motel. Justin, almost out of cash, was forced to pay for the room on his mom’s credit card. He was a little worried, but got his confidence back after thinking about Valerie, who was drunk and grinding against him as he paid. Valerie looked like she had some magic pussy, Justin thought.

Upstairs, Valerie pushed Justin into the room and tossed him on the bed. Shutting the door, she begin removing her clothing while Justin’s heart raced with excitement. He grew rock hard with anticipation.

Then…as Valerie dropped her push up bra, filled with tissue paper, Justin realized Valerie’s breast weren’t full or round. They were actually small and sagging. And her stomach was rippled with stretch-marks, almost like a shrivelled-up prune.

Then her jeans came off. And her  ass fell apart with it. She wasn’t wearing butt-pads or anything. It was just that her jeans held her ass in a shape she didn’t naturally have. Her ass went from “lovely lady lumps” to “loose lard” in five seconds flat. Justin was crushed. But he was determined to get some pussy now. But when Valerie took her panties off, Justin thought he could smell a 6-month-old tuna fish sandwich that someone left behind a radiator somewhere. He almost quit then, but his dick wasn’t ready to say no.

As politely as he could, Justin asked Valerie to take a shower first.

Five minutes later, when she emerged, the smell was almost the same, but now her weave was frizzy, her makeup had washed off, and her fake lashes were gone. Without all of this, Valerie looked more like Fantasia than Beyonce’.

At this point, Justin finally gave up. He told Valerie’ drunk ass to get dressed while he went out to start the car. That’s when Justin learned that the car had been stolen. Meanwhile, Valerie learned that the diamond chain she was about to steal was stainless steel…and the Gucci glasses were actually Cucci. By the end of the night, they learned that they were both broke and both still live with their mothers, as that’s who they had to call to pick them up from the motel.

⇐♣REMEMBER: Getting Caught Up In Initial Appearances Is The Fastest Road To Disappointment.♣⇒


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