“Reality Check”



√ You AIN”T rich if you can’t buy the house with out a loan…or if you only have a nice car, but live in an apartment.

√ You ARE rich if you have the money for the house, but you use your company to buy it and you spend nothing.

√ You AIN’T the man when you have control over a little pussy or money.

 √ You ARE the man when you’re in control of bigger things than pussy or money.

√ You AIN’T rich just because you have nice gear and kicks.

√ You ARE rich if the company that makes the gear and kicks pays you to wear them.

 √ You AIN’T “big-time” just because kids and a few broke people respect you.

 √ You ARE “big-time” if politicians and executives respect you.


√ You AIN’T real if you act like a thug in the streets, but like a nerd in front of your mom.

√ You ARE real if you act like a nerd all the time.

√ You AIN’T powerful if you gotta spend money for people to like you.

√ You ARE powerful if people spend money on you. hoping you like them.

√ You AIN’T a major player if you can die tomorrow, and nothing will change.

√ You ARE a major player if you die tomorrow, and ten more people rise up to continue your work.

 √ You AIN’T smart if you keep getting caught, but never get convicted.

√ You ARE smart if you flip your money into something legit, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught.

√ You AIN’T happy if you have to drink, smoke, party, and f*ck to take your mind off your problems.

√ You ARE happy if you know how to solve every problem you have.


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