◾”What Men Could Learn From GST: Memoirs Of A DJ” – (“22 Guidelines For Dealing with Women”)

3 Pound Cakes

“22 Guidelines For Dealing with Women”


“YOU CAN FIND A LESSON ANYWHERE…IF YOU’RE LOOKING” – Supreme Understanding (Author, Community Activity & Educator)


In an upcoming book, we at Seventy-Seven Media Publishing Company will be able to get a bit deeper on woman, love, and relationships. Until then, the authors of Gangster, Strippers & Tippers: Memoirs Of A DJ have some basic guidelines for dealing with the opposite sex:

  1. First Things First. Straighten yourself out first. Get your mind right, get your money right. When you’ve got that, pussy comes to you. And when your ready, the right woman will also.
  2. Don’t Rush. Most men don’t meet “Miss Right” until their late 20’s, or mid 30’s. Until then, you’re bound to go through a gang of “learning experiences” that will prepare you. You don’t buy every car you test drive, so don’t marry the first girl you love.
  3. Watch where you stick that thing. It’s only one to a customer. If you’re scared of what you might catch or what kind of bullsh*t baby mama she’d be, then don’t even worry bout the condom breaking. Just leave that pussy alone.
  4. Pay Attention. Watch women. Listen to them. Ask them what they think and what they like. Adjust your game so you ain’t selling apples to people who want carrots.
  5. Be Confident. Nobody wants a loser. Being “that dude” starts with believing in yourself. A woman wants a man she believes in, an that’s why a thug can take a girl from a good-hearted nerd in a minute.
  6. Let Her Choose You. You don’t need to compete. If she knows what she wants, and you ‘re it, all you have to do is show her. F*ck fighting for her attention.
  7. Don’t Choose No Dumb Fine Broad. Forget fine. Worry bout the dumb. The dumb will make you forget about the fine in no time, anyway.
  8. Your Girl Gotta Have Somethin’ Goin’ On For Herself. Don’t choose no broke, dropout broad with a perfect ass. The ass won’t last, but the broke-ness will.
  9. Make Sure Y’all Have Somethin’ In Common To Talk About. If ya’ll ain’t interested in the same things, it’s not gonna work. If you really want to go to Africa and she thinks Africa is made of mud, you’re gonna be miserable.
  10. Make Sure She Wants The Best For You. Any girl who doesn’t want you to stop smokin’, or stop hustlin’, don’t really give a f*ck about you. She’s using you for the short-term homey. Get wise.
  11. Step Your Game Up. Don’t chase young girls. They’re simple and don’t want much…actually they don’t even know what they want. You look like a molester holding hands with a girl 5 years under you. Try an older woman and see if you can hang.
  12. Strap Up. I don’t give a f*ck if you love her. Strap Up. Ain’t no pussy so good that it’s worth a slow death.
  13. Don’t Buy Her. If she expects you to pay for everything, you’re a trick. You might as well just go get a prostitute. It’s cheaper, and they don’t argue.
  14. Leave Them White Girls Alone. That’s it.
  15. Don’t Let A Woman Screw Up Your Life. If she got you beefin’ with your brother, give her the boot. A good woman don’t bring drama with her.
  16. Don’t Change. Any woman will try to change you, but won’t respect you if you change every time she says so. Grow up at your own pace. A bad woman will try to turn you from a schoolboy to a fake thug in a minute, or from a real thug to a pretty boy. Meanwhile, your boys are looking at you like a sucker.
  17. Do The Right Thing. If she say no, respect the no. If you slip and make a baby, don’t run. If she’s sick, go see her just as fast as you would for a booty call.
  18. Check Out The Tree The Apple Fell From. If her mama is fat, maybe you better hide the Twinkies from your girl. If her mama is a no-good thief, maybe you should watch your wallet at night too.
  19. Karma Can Be A Bitch. If you keep sh*ttin’ on people, it’s only natural you’ll get sh*tted on too. Treat people with respect. Even if you’re just f*ckin’, don’t lie to em. If you got 8 girls, don’t act like you Mr. Faithful.
  20. Don’t Lose Sleep. If she gonna’ cheat, she’s gonna’ cheat. If you think she’s cheatin’, why you even with her? Do what yo’ supposed to, and choose right, and you won’t have to worry about her doin’ bullsh*t behind your back.
  21. Read A Book. It don’t hurt to be educated. Even a chick who likes thugs would rather have a smart thug than a dumb one.
  22. Make Sure You’re Found Your “Better-Half”. Not a new mother to be spoiled by, or a daughter you need to raise.



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